User Guide

Size of Watch and Straps

​The basic dimension of the (launch collection) watch is 42mm wide.

All of our straps are 20mm wide. 

Our watch and straps are designed to fit all men and women, with wrist sizes ranging from 135mm - 215mm.

Adjusting the Time and Date

​To adjust the time, fully extend the watch crown at the 2nd position. Turn the crown clockwise to the desired time. When the time is set, push the crown back fully to the original position.

To adjust the date, extend the watch crown at the first position. Turn the crown anti-clockwise until the correct date is displayed. When the time is set, push the crown back fully.

Operating the Stopwatch Function

​The stopwatch measures minutes (60) and seconds (60). Minutes are measured by the minute counter in the top sub dial. Seconds are measured by the second counter in the main dial.

To start, press A once. The second counter will start moving forward. Each round that the second counter completes represents one minute, which is also recorded in the top sub dial as the minute counter moves by one tick.

To stop, press A once again. The second counter will stop moving. You can then easily record your timed event through the minute counter (top sub dial) and second counter.

To restart, press B once. Both second and minute counter will now return to their default positions.

Replacing the Battery

The original battery should last approximately two years. If the battery needs to be replaced, we recommend doing so at a reputable watch shop to avoid damage to the watch. 

In the event that the watch stops moving even after changing the battery, please visit the Warranty & Repairs section.

Changing the Straps

Leather and nato straps are easily interchangeable to fit your style for any event. Simple do so by using the tool you have received together with the watch. You may also refer to the detailed user guide provided with your watch.

Material of Watch and Strap

Our watches are made of 316L stainless steel case, with dome mineral crystal glass, and OS11 Japanese Miyota chronograph movement.

To clean the case, use a lint-free cloth with warm water. If required, use mild detergent diluted in water to remove any dirt from the case. To clean the glass, use a clean chamois cloth. Avoid submerging the watch case in water.

Our leather straps are made of genuine Italian calf leather and the nato straps are made of nylon.

To clean the leather straps, please use only cleaning products specifically made for leather. Otherwise, we do not recommend cleaning them. If you need to replace your leather strap, please contact us here.

To clean the nato straps, wash gently in lukewarm water together with some soap washing powder, and leave it to dry flat on a towel.

Water Resistance of Watch

Our watches have a (3ATM) atmospheric water resistance rating. This means that the watch is able to withstand exposure to high humidity and rain shower.

However, please avoid wearing the watch whilst showering, swimming, diving or during any other activity where it may be subject to abnormal water pressures or environments where heat and moisture are present.

Condensation Under Glass

Slight condensation may appear under the glass if your watch experiences a sudden change in temperature or pressure. Do not worry as this mist should disappear by itself if the watch is left to sit in a cool, dry place for several hours and there should be no adverse effect on the watch’s function. 
If condensation persists, please contact us here

Usage of Watch

Our watches are designed as a fashion accessory to be worn everyday. However, we do not recommend wearing the watch when participating in high impact activities. Repeated sharp impacts can have a negative effect on the watch movement or cause damage to the watch case and glass.