What Her Watch Says About Her

July 12, 2017

Understanding women can feel like an impossible task – heck, some women don't even understand themselves. As with fashion, a woman’s choice on the watch on her wrist is rarely neutral, and her inner secrets can be read in her choices – be it her mood, her habits, her inspiration, who she is and what is important to her.

We decode the intriguing female species, as told by the speaking watch on her wrist.

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Just as how each carry its own set of advantages, a digital and an analog timepiece tell a different story about its wearer.

A digital watch, which allows you to read the time with excellent precision instantaneously, is associated with the busy working lady with a no-frills attitude. She is swift and meticulous, and gets the job done punctually.

In contrast, the classic analog watch pays tribute to tradition and emanates an air of class and finesse.

Colour Scheme


A standard black or monochromatic watch suggests a practical lady who prefers to keep things clean and simple. She is strong, confident, and independent.  

Warm up the palette with brown hues and you have your down-to-earth girl-next-door. Nevertheless, darker brown shades reserves a sense of mystery and hints that there’s more to her than what  meets the eye.

On the other hand, brightly-coloured watches are unmistakably for the cheerful and energetic individuals who share a personality as vibrant as their timepieces.

Take a step back from the limelight and you will find the sweet and gentle personalities wearing a pastel-toned watch. Though seemingly innocent and naive, behind their reticent disposition lies great sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

Dial Size


A small and slim watch isn’t indicative of a meek personality. Rather, petite watch wearers are sophisticated and elegant, and certainly not to be belittled. On the other hand, we have the females sporting an oversized watch. In the same way that a lady in an oversized men’s shirt screams sexy, a larger dial juxtaposed against a feminine wrist exudes sensuality and charm. However, a fuller dial can also reflect a highly ambitious character and a desire to take control.

Strap Material

Donning a time-honoured leather strap implies an individual who is sturdy and dependable. When faced with a challenge, she holds her ground and rises to the occasion.

Meanwhile, fastening a Nato straps around your wrist conveys a youthful and adventurous personality. Nato strap wearers love the outdoors, so if you leave the front door open, you’ll find her running for the beach.

On the contrary, a mesh strap owner would be making her way to town. They are the stylish city-ladies who make a consistent effort to stay abreast with the latest runway trends.


Finally, if your watch is speckled with diamonds, then you are the girl who likes adding some glamour to her outfit. You enjoy being in the spotlight and love a healthy dose of drama in her life.

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