Styling Your Work Watch

October 13, 2017

Looking for the perfect work watch? Check out our detailed guide on How to Pick a Work Watch to get started.

Apart from the signature features of a work watch, it’s also important to know how to color coordinate your watch with the right clothing and other accessories.


Matching Your Watch and Clothes


A gold-plated watch is best suited for clothes in earthy tones such as brown or beige, while silver goes well with grey, blue and black shades. If you’re wearing a blue suit, you may even want to try a watch face with a deep blue background.


Matching Your Watch and Accessories


If your watch has a brown strap, match it with a brown belt and brown shoes, ideally in the same or similar shade. On the other hand, a watch with a black strap or silver bracelet would go best with a black belt and black shoes.


Matching Your Metals


As a general rule of thumb, your metals should always match. Coordinate the metal colors on your watch, ring and belt so that all your accessories are, for example, silver. Other accessories to pay attention to include your cuff links, shoe buckles, and buckles on the side adjusters of your trousers or on the back of your waistcoats, as well as any other piece of jewelry on your outfit.


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