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December 26, 2019

It’s not perfect only to dress-up for any occasion or event, the ultimate accessory too is important. And not more guesses needed other than an exclusive watch. The watches score over most other categories, when it comes to accessorizing for any occasion or meeting.

Formal parties, weddings, offices or for any other events watches are not a time-keeping device but an indispensable fashion accessory.

The luxury and prestige segment is growing seamlessly in the watches with increase in purchasing power of the consumer. The need of a watch for its utility factor is declining. In today’s world the most important factor that people look for in a watch is the appeal of its aesthetics.

Coen Ander’s watches strike the perfect balance of elegance and technical prowess along with alluring looks that fulfil your wish of wearing a high-end timepiece.

Watches have become a fashion statement and make people come to a conclusion about who you are. So wear a nice watch. Require something that shines in the light and gleams with the right mixture of metal and color. Better if you spent some time in finding a right piece for you and picking something unique that grace your personality.

Picking up the Coen Ander’s timepieces can never be a wrong decision. Our watches will help get you noticed, and the timepiece that you will wear indicate the value of your worth.



    If you are generic person this watch is a right choice for you. Having pure white chronograph dial and a date display in polished silver will instantly draw you in. This timepiece is flawless and comfortable to wear.

Kent White Silver

Kent White Silver


    You can spruce up your personality with LOMOND WHITE ROSE. The watch is exclusively designed having chronograph dial with a date display in polished rose gold are the stylistic values of this sleek wristwatch that makes it a perfect addition to your collection.

Lomond White Rose

Lomond White Rose


    Watches complete an outfit. Picking GLASGOW BLACK SILVER solely complements your look. It’s mesmerizing style and features include pure black dial and date display in contrasting silver that makes it a true statement of elegance and innovation.

Glasgow Black Silver

Glasgow Black Silver


    Chic look of this timepiece grab the attention of the crowd. If you want a classy watch then this true statement of timeless style is for you. Grab to tie it on your wrist. The style of this watch include pure white dial is enriched with refined hands and indices, compatible with leather and NATO straps.

Brighton White Rose

Brighton White Rose


    Add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe with DORSET WHITE ROSE that is the perfect watch for those who want to flaunt in style. Its amazing look makes it a trend-transcending symbol of status and style. Its refine features with pure white dial and polished rose gold date display capture the attention of people and left a good impression.

Dorset White RoseDorset White Rose

Each resilient watch has simple design and look. As the time passes, these accessories are making a strong identity in the sense of fashion and luxury. And choosing a right wristwatch is a statement of style, quality, and confidence.

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