A Lady's Guide: How to Accessorise Your Watch

August 18, 2017

If you’re just starting out, be sure to check out our Tips for Accessorising Tastefully.


A stylish timepiece looks great on its own but if you’re wearing it the same way every day, it could be time to update your look. Accessorising your watch with complementary wrist wear is a great way to transform the look of your watch and distinguish it from someone else’s.


But when it comes to accessories, knowing which ones to wear and how much to wear with your watch can be tricky. If you’re worried about the fashion police knocking on your door, here are our top style tips for 3 most popular types of wrist wear. Get your wrist game on.





Creating a unique and stylish bracelet stack boils down to finding diverse pieces that form an eclectic group. Try incorporating bracelets of different thickness and design. You can also break the monotony by mixing in pieces with colour accents. Adding a pop of colour into a sea of gold and silver bracelets will make your look more exciting, and it’s also a fantastic way to showcase your personality.


But even with a stack of bracelets on, your timepiece should still be the leading actress on your wrist. Give her the spotlight and let your other bracelets play a supporting role. Focus on enhancing the look of your watch by picking bracelets with a similar or complementary colour tone, texture or design.


The placement of your watch and bracelets is key when layering, but the best way to order them will ultimately depend on what’s included in the stack. However, a good tip would be to avoid wearing two large bracelets next to each other as it can look overwhelming. Also, avoid placing your watch as the very last accessory on your wrist since it is the focal point of your stack.





If layering bracelets on your arm isn't your cup of tea, declutter your wrists and direct the accessorising to your digits. Stacking rings has become a huge trend and has never been easier with giant retailers carrying chic and affordable ring sets. Furthermore, there are no limits when it comes to layering rings — you can wear a single ring on each finger or wear two to three on one finger. Layering rings of different thickness will also add texture and depth, creating a more interesting look. Stack 'em up to your heart's content!


The type of rings you choose can influence your overall look. Accessorising with slimmer rings will help you pull off an effortlessly elegant or minimalist look. But if you’re gunning for a bold and edgy outfit, choose a chunkier ring with a unique design as a brilliant statement piece.


However, the size of your rings should balance the size of your other accessories. When wearing a larger ring and watch, balance them out with fewer and smaller accessories to keep the ensemble tasteful. Alternatively, for small to medium sized watches and thinner rings, intensify your look gradually by incorporating different pieces to enhance a focal accessory.





If you’re an accessories veteran and ready to venture beyond the metals, take your arm game to the next level and add a twilly to your extensive repertoire. A huge summer trend this year, silk twillies look impeccably stylish when worn around your neck or on the wrist. Its delicate silk fabric will provide an interesting contrast to the sturdy material of your watch or bracelets. Pick a twilly with a similar or complementary colour palette as your timepiece to pull the accessories together seamlessly.

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