A Gentleman's Guide: How to Accessorise Your Watch

August 25, 2017

If you’re just starting out, be sure to check out our 6 Tips For Accessorizing Tastefully.


Ever since bracelets for men took off as a major trend a few years back, the variety available in the market has been expanding. For simplicity sake, we’ve classified them into four main categories that any man’s man can don from the office to the beach and anywhere in between.


Whatever your style, whatever the occasion, we’ve got your wrists covered.



Hints of leather signal refined masculinity, especially those of darker, richer tones. Black works well to emanate the slightest rebel vibes, while deep browns are better for a subdued, down-to-earth style. If you’re more adventurous, deep burgundy or a forest green can add a pop of colour to understated wrist wear.



Onyx to wood, to semi-precious and precious stones. The world is your oyster when it comes to beaded bracelets. The only rule of thumb – the bigger the beads, the more casual. So, judgment is required when nailing the appropriate size that matches the formality of your outfit.



Be it rope, fabric or cord, woven bracelets can be found in just about any shade on the colour wheel. As usual, darker colours are fail-proof, and works great as a casual wardrobe essential while more vivid versions lend that added ‘oomph’ on days you want to stand out.



Metal wrist wear tend to be quite distinctive – chunky, masculine and a little bit in-your-face. For this reason, they seldom pair well with wristwatches and are best worn as a standalone. Metal bands are the most upscale wrist wear for men – the kind you’ll see paired with dressier suits and ties. As with formal wear, simplicity is key. So, avoid flashy, thick metal bands that don’t fit well under the cuff. The flair that peaks from under the cuff ever so often is preferred. As for the I.D. bracelets, keep it for casual retro look. Which, by the way, should be once in a blue blue moon.

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