6 Tips to Accessorizing Tastefully

August 11, 2017

Not everything on your wrist has to tick. Accessories lend distinction to your outfit, allowing you to stand out without spending an exorbitant amount on designer apparels. But accessorising can get a little tricky at times, especially when it’s so easy to come across as “overdoing it”. 


For starters, here are 6 top tips to keep in mind when accessorising:


Mind Your Attire

Your accessories should conform to your dress code. Beaded, woven and leather bracelets are great options to liven up casual outfits. For more formal attire, stick to classic metals like gold and silver. 


Build Your Collection

If you’re new to accessorising, start with wrist wear of slimmer styles, more neutral and universally flattering colours, subtle patterns and textures. Such pieces are more versatile and easy to style.


Keep It Simple

As a rule of thumb, keep to a maximum of three pieces at once, watch included. Unless you’re going for a “I’m wearing my entire drawer on my wrist” kind of look.


One Statement Piece

Choose a statement piece and build your look around it. Other accessories should play a supporting role to make that key piece a star.


Get it Sized Right

Even a stunning piece of arm candy won’t look flattering if it keeps sliding back and forth at the slightest movement or looks disproportionate compared to the rest of your frame. Select the right wrist wear according to your wrist size, arm length and height.


Choosing between Gold and Silver

Determine your skin’s undertone by observing the inside of your wrist. If your veins appear greenish and you have a slightly yellow tinge to your skin, you most likely have a warm skin tone. If your veins look bluish and you have pinkish skin, you’re likely in the cool-toned spectrum. Alternatively, try on a gold and silver bracelet and see which suits your skin tone better. Gold jewellery flatters warm undertones, while silver jewellery looks better on cool undertones. Those with neutral undertones usually carry both well.


With the basics nailed, you’re all set to experiment with the assortment of accessories available! Find out more in A Gentleman’s Guide: Beyond Watches and A Lady’s Guide: Beyond Watches.

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